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The Puffy Shirt…
Seinfeld stans will know what I am talking about.
I ended up looking like a pirate, even though I didn’t want to be a pirate.
Puffy Shirt - Target, Black Cigarette Pants - CUE, Shoes - London Rebel
More Than…

As you can see I am now sporting my crotchet braids done by yours truly. *Pats Afro* Now to the outfit. I knew I would have an endless love affair with this leather pencil skirt from the moment I laid my eyes on it.

It has become one of the hardest working members of my wardrobe.

Perfect for days when I really should have been on my way to the office thirty minutes earlier.

Leopard Print Shirt - Charlier Brown, Leather Pencil Skirt - Sportsgirl, Heels - London Rebel.

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Something Old That Has Become New Again - Crotchet Braids..

If you have been reading my blog you would be well aware that I was getting tired of my box braids and wanted something new. After extensive research I settled on Crotchet Braids using Marley Braids.

I mean with the above pictures for inspiration, why wouldn’t you want to try it?

To achieve the look things you will need:

  • Hair extensions - I used Marley Braid. It suits my hair texture, I feel afrolicious with it on.
  • A long bobby pin. You will need to open it at about a 45 degree angle, as this will be you crotchet instrument.
  • Scissors - allow you to shape and even out the hair.

Step One:

To lay the foundation for you crotchet braids, braid your entire head of hair from the forehead to the nape of the neck.

Step Two:

Starting from the back row, insert your bobby pin under your braid line. Grab a piece of your extension and insert the hair in to the loop created by the bobby pin. Once the extension is secure in the loop pull the bobby pin throw the cornrow ensuring that you are holding on to the end of the extension. Using your fingers pull the extension through the loop and tighten - basically doing a knot to secure the hair.

Step Three:

Repeat step two until you have covered all the cornrow braids on you head.

Step Four:

Cut and style until your heart is content.

Even though I have gone to a lot of trouble to explain the crochet braid install process in  writing, sometimes its just better to see it for yourself.

My girl @abenalove has created a great how to video here.

I will reveal my final look in my next post.

IamTinashe. xx

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That’s The Appeal…

As women it is our God given right to switch up our hairstyles as we see fit.

Problem is when we have long hair, we are busy admiring short hair styles.

When we have curly hair, all we can  think about having is silky straight hair.

I am no different.

…..The irony of it all.

Stripe Top - Dotti, Pencil Skirt - Temt, Heels - London Rebel

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Peaked To Early?

I have this thing were I like to gradually ramp up my work style as the week progresses.

For example,  Monday - my outfit is pretty low key but by Friday I am at my fashionable best, basically doing it for the fashion gods.

When one work colleague saw me in this outfit they commented - “Where to from here? Its only Thursday”….

I had to laugh.

Shirt - Truworths, Belt - Temt, Skirt - Choies, Shoes - Wittner

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A Hive Of Creative…

After five weeks of wear, my box braids are looking a little worse for wear.

I am thinking of switching up my hair on weekend - but to get me through the working week I have been challenging myself to create a new box braid updo each day.

Here is something I prepared earlier.

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Lipstick For Cowards…

In the past you would never catch me dead wearing lipstick.


Of late I have really started to explore beauty products a bit more, getting pretty comfortable with experimenting. 

Naturally with anything that is self taught there is going to be some trials, tribulations and epic failures. But I continue to persevere and watch a lot of You Tube videos. We can all learn from each other.

Each video had a vloggers preaching about the benefits of perfect lip liners, lip primers and lipstick shades. Who knew it was this complicated?

Certainly not me.

True life I could see the hard work it takes to get a flawless lipstick pout. No shade, I still couldn’t help but think to myself, ‘ain’t nobody got time for all that’.

I think by now we have established that on any given work day I can barely get ready and out the door in time as it is - now you want me to draw a perfect line around the edges of my mouth, apply a generous amount of lip primer within the lines, then apply first coat of lipstick. After that I need to let the lipstick colour soak on my lips, then bloat the lipstick only to reapply final coat - REALLY?

*Screws up face to the point my vision is blurred*

Until i feel the need to follow the above steps, I am going to continue applying my lipstick straight raw dawg. I can live without the fuss, and still be happy with the end result.

I have to say there is something about applying a delicious lipstick shade, it has a way of making you feel oh so sexy and grown.

Earrings - SoVeryAfrican, Turtle Neck - Zara, Leather Pencil Skirt - Sports girl, Shoes - London Rebel

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Why Complicate Life?

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Lace Top - Target, Blazer Dress - Asos, Belt - Temt, Lace Up Booties- Pied A Terre

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Introducing Nubian Skin…

I am very excited to talk about this new lingerie brand that has just been launched – Nubian Skin.

Lord knows that no matter how fly your outfit is, if you are wearing the wrong under garments you might as well stay your ass at home.

Yeah I said it.

I see way too many women doing it wrong – someone has to say it.

When I first found out about Nubian Skin, I was hella excited. Excited because when women of colour talk about ‘nude’ coloured undergarments they are referring to black under wear. Which is just plain weird given that we all come in different shades of beauty.

Nubian Skin lingerie –attempts to provide undergarments that cater to all women of colour. The pictures provided in this blog post, is a nice show and tell. The website Nubian Skin will be launched shortly allowing us to buy direct.

I know I will be getting some – will you?

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Clash It. Match It. Pair It…

Clashing of prints has been on my radar for some time for now. 

In some circles this look may be considered unconventional, extravagant and hard to pull off.

In own experience I find the key is to find the thread that runs throughout, usually a familiar print or colour.

Floral Print Jacket - Dotti, Stripe Top - Dotti, Pencil Skirt - Temt, Heels - Leopard Print.

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Took One Look In The Mirror…

You know when you are having one of those days when you are just slow?

Slow to shower. Slow to decide what to wear. Slow to get ready. Slow to leave the house.

For no apparent reason, just slow.

I was having one of those days.

So, I kept things real simple.

Necklace - Forever New, Peplum Top - Temt, Pants - CUE, Shoes - Pied A Terre

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Tear That Cherry Out…

In 1770, British parliament banned lipstick, saying it had the power to seduce men into marriage, which was classified as witch craft.

Fast forward to 2014, I am pretty sure I would have been burned at the stake with this outfit.

Necklace and Bangle - Lovisa, Skivvy Top - Dotti, Pencil Skirt - Temt, Shoes - Wittner

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Not Going To Over Think It…

Tell me you box braided divas, how do you do it?

I look at my hair, and I think these box braids look amazing! …but they are so damn heavy.

Why does it feel like I am carrying a tonne of bricks on my head?

True Story.

When I try to be creative and style the box braids, I end up undoing it before the end of the day.

Why? My head aches, specifically my scalp.

Things I never had to think about are now front of mind.

For instance, when it comes to sleeping I have had to become more strategic to ensure a good night’s sleep. At bed time I literally plan how I will tie my hair to ensure it stays in the head wrap for most of the night and I can move around freely.

Don’t get me wrong, I love having, long hair, I mean I can whip my hair back and forth - but these are things you need to be aware of if you are considering box braids.

Just saying.

Wrap Dress - IamTinasheCustom, Stockings - David Jones, Shoes - London Rebel

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Make It Work…

A friend is getting married, you are super excited as you will be heading interstate for the hen’s night festivities.

Flights booked. Accommodation arranged. Outfits styled, suit case packed.

No lie, with this level of organisation you are feeling pretty damn good about yourself.

That is until you are at the airport terminal gate passing time and decide to look at the planned festivities outlined in the invite.

As you read the invite it clearly states that it is a “Pink Lady” theme, guests are to wear pink. Insert shock face.

Pink! A colour that is not even close to what you had planned to wear.
Some profanities are blurted under your breath.

No need to panic.

With quick thinking you make a plan. You decide to wear what you had planned to wear.

Adhere to the theme by applying pink lipstick, pink eye shadow and rocking some pink statement accessories.

Made It Work.

Necklace and Earrings - Lovisa, Crop Top - General Pants Co, Leather Pencil Skirt - Sportsgirl, Boots- Novo Shoes

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Grow Up Not Old…

It was lunch time and I was heading to “the spot” with my Creative Director to capture my outfit of the day.

As you do.

Whilst walking to our final destination I happened to run into an old high school friend.

Keep in mind it has been 10+ years since we finished high school.

I know you are probably now trying to calculate my age. Don’t.

When I saw my friend she had her husband, her two kids (7 and 2 months) in tow.

Hugs, chit chat, laughter, more chit chat. Air kisses goodbye and we both kept it moving.

This relatively short encounter got me thinking though…

At my age now am I a bona fide adult or just a phoney?

Its embarrassing to say this, but some of my biggest decisions of the day may include such gems as:

Should I work out in the morning or afternoon?

What am I going to wear?

What do I feel like for lunch?


If you cannot already tell I don’t have the additional responsibilities of being a wife or mother just yet.

My mother puts things into perspective with these simple words of wisdom, “enjoy it while it still lasts”.

…And that is what I am doing.

Top - Supre, Hoop Earrings - Lovisa, Skirt - Target, Shoes - Target

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