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What would have been an all black ensemble was resuscitated back to life by a larger than life tribal statement necklace and a shaggy coat. 

Let me grab the mic real quick. Clears throat. 

With your version of a Jamaican accent say with it with me, “She call me Mr. Boombastic say me fantastic, touch me in me back she say I’m Mr. Ro…mantic” 

Drops mic. Walks of the stage.

Come on now, everyone knows you can’t reference Shaggy as a source of inspiration without dropping a lyric or two.

Shaggy Coat - SES, Necklace - Lovisa, Dress - Temt, Shoes - Wittner

You Wear Your Big Hair, But Do You Really Care?

My mother, “Are you goin to leave the house like that? That big hair makes you look cray cray. Tie it up or something”. A clear generation gap there.

Work colleague one – “You know being Caucasian, if I was to come to work with my hair like that people would wonder were my crack pipe was hidden”.

Work colleague two - “Can I please just touch your hair? Never seen anything like it!”

Throws hands in the air, I can’t.

To add to the mix it is also not unusual for me to be going about my business and I notice complete strangers stopping dead in their tracks to stare. I presume to look at my BIG hair.

I guess with such examples you can understand why even the most confident person like my self can have moments of “big hair self doubt”.

Who can blame me? I am living in a society, were people are not used to black women with big hair. A black woman rocking a natural Afro to be precise.

Yes I can obtain inspiration from celebrities such as Solange, Janelle Monae, Erykah Badu, Wynter Gordon and Shingai Shoniwa just to name a few.

On days were I feel a hair challenge coming on strong the women listed above give me that extra hair inspiration - they a just a click away on my IPhone. But what about in real life? There is not many of us roaming free with our Afros.

When I look in the mirror each day I know that whilst others might not yet comprehend the big hair. My hair is not for fashion. It is an extension of me. It is part of my heritage. It’s a statement of my cultural background and my pride.

That’s right ultimately, I inspire myself. Big hair, I literally don’t care.

Turtle Neck - SES, Sequin Skirt - Asos, Shoes - Novo Shoes

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In Hot Water…

It’s a pretend winter in Brisbane at just under ten degree celsius. For people who experience colder winters - you are probably wonder why we even call it winter. I share the same sentiments.

But…they say if you can’t beat them join them. So each night I look forward to drifting off to sleep with my hot water bottle strategically placed on my feet.

Now anyone that has ever been tired and cold would know that sleeping with a hot water bottle allows you to experience great warmth accompanied by dead to the world sleep that would leave even sleeping beauty jealous.

That is why I blame the hot water bottle for the horrendous start to my day today. I was sprawled across the bed, deep in sleep when a noise suddenly woke me. At that moment I decided to reach for my phone to check the time. To my horror the time was 8:20am.

I am supposed to be at the office at 9am to perform my real job. I must have slept through my alarm. Shyte, shyte, shyte! Breaks glass and presses the PANIC button.

You see what I was saying earlier? The hot water bottle is that deceiving. It can lure you into a false sense of security.

Long story short I ran around like a manic got myself ready, quick smart. The dress you see on this shoot is the only item that did not need ironing.

I managed to walk into the office just a little after 9am, like nothing happened.

Beware of the hot water bottle, you have been warned.

Earrings - Lovisa, Dress- American Boutique, Stockings - Myer, Shoes - Wittner.

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Functional, Desirable and Fashion Forward…

Recently my aunt who also shares a passion for fashion was cleaning out her closet. As she was packing some goodies for some lucky charities, she set aside this functional, desirable and fashion forward dress just for me.

Who am I to say, No?

I have amazing people around me who spoil me endlessly. For that I am eternally grateful.

Earrings - Lovisa, Dress & Belt- Veronika Maine, Shoes - Novo Shoes

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Hand In My Pocket…

I’m free but I’m focused
I’m green but I’m wise
I’m hard but I’m friendly baby
I’m sad but I’m laughing
I’m brave but I’m chickenshit

And what it all boils down to
Is that no one’s really got it figured out just yet
‘cause I’ve got one hand in my pocket

Exert - “Hand In My Pocket”, Alanis Morissette

Earrings - Lovisa, Leopard Print Sweater - Best & Less, Leather Skirt - TopShop, Shoes - Wittner

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Ticket To Ride…

Whilst we waited for our ride to the wedding, I strutted my stuff on the Melbourne streets.

It was 5 degrees, but I was focused. I figured with the bipolar Melbourne weather they may not be another opportunity to make use of the natural lighting.

Earrings - Lovisa, Dress - Sheike, Shoes - Novo Shoes

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Why Did You Get Married?

Over the weekend my bae and I flew to Dandenong Ranges in Melbourne to celebrate a family friends wedding. This one was extra special because they both found their true loves later on in life.

My bae and I never miss an opportunity to fix up and look sharp so together we made our appearance.

The guests were much older than us and offered some valuable advice and perspectives on life, love and marriage. With each couple I spoke to, I made sure to ask the question - Why did you get married? Below are the top five reasons, in no particular order:

  • With each day that passed I knew I could not live without them
  • She was a flight risk, it was the only legal way to lock her down
  • I met my best friend, my lover, my companion
  • With my significant other by my side, I felt unstoppable
  • I had never felt a love like this before

Him: Suit, Shirt - Topman, Shoes - Italian Custom

Her: Dress - Sheike, Earrings - Lovisa, Shoes - Novo Shoes

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Neck…

Don’t let the sun fool you. The temperature has dropped in Brisbane, Australia.

I am rugging up in colorful turtle neck knits.

Bag - TopShop, TurtleNeck - ZARA, Skirt - TrueWorths, Boots - Novo Shoes

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Feeling Some Kind Of Way…

Given my archive of blog posts, I can probably see why people would find it hard to believe that sometimes I just do not feel like having my outfit of the day captured.

You see sometimes there is a discrepancy between how the outfit looked in my mind and how it turned out once I put it on. I am sure you can all relate.

My mama said there would be days like this. So you guessed it on this day my outfit had me feeling some kinda way.

The Creative Director pretty much had to give me an ultimatum so I would get over myself and get in front of the camera lens.

So here we are.

Looking at the images, the outfit turned out pretty bad ass.

Top - Dotti, Waist Coat- Dotti,Pants - Dotti, Belt - Country Road, Shoes - Target

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Everyone’s Definition Of Plain Is Different…

With each picture its clear my hand was super glued to my waist during this photo shoot. Could not let go.

Why would you when you are all Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle. I really should have been a drag queen or a magpie - because if it sparkles, I am finding a reason to own it and then wear it.

Look at the way the sequins glisten in the light. It is impossible to be in a bad mood when you are glimmering all day long.

Never one to be keen to do the walk of outfit shame during work hours, I kept the look subtle yet sparkly.

Necklace - Lovisa, Shirt -True Worths, Skirt - Dotti, Stockings - Myer, Shoes - Wittner

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No Standing…

I told you this leather skirt was going be one of the hardest working items in my wardrobe. Here the skirt is doing an afternoon shift whilst the owner is off duty from corporate Australia.

You see me posing in front of a “No Standing” sign. Tricks are for kids, but we still play.

T-shirt - South Africa, Skirt - Topshop, Sneakers - Converse

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Here Put This On…

I try to bring lunch into work every day.

But by the time I pack my lunch in the morning to when I have to eat it at lunch, my taste buds have moved on.

So picture this. I was sitting at a rather intimate Asian restaurant - you know the ones with super good food, but they are so small that you are basically sitting on strangers lap and sharing a plate of food?

Anyway I was having lunch with a friend and my ear hustle was strong. You have to remember we are nudging elbows as we eat, I could not help but over hear their conversation.

One guy was getting quite passionate stating, “There are three types of people. People that make it happen, people who watch it happen and people who ask, What the fcuk just happened?”

Forgetting that I was listening in on a conversation that wasn’t mine, I cackled. Then it became awkward.

What type of person are you?

Long Sleeved Top - Dotti, Dress - IamTinasheCustom, Belt - Temt, Boots - Wittner

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Add Polish To The Leather…

I have been lusting over leather pencil skirts for a while. Like, foaming at the mouth. This number here? Well I recently added this leather skirt to my repertoire. Initially I peeped it at full price - just about jumped out my damn skin. Then it went on sale. Basically the tag showed the price it should have been from the beginning. Now it’s in my possession. I think I will wear it when I shower, moisturise, at work, exercising, shopping, cooking, cleaning and sleeping. Jokes aside, I think you get the point. I will be wearing this leather skirt A LOT. Abuse of power. Sunnies - Dolce & Gabbana, Bag - Top Shop, Shirt - CUE, Bow Tie - Sportsgirl, Skirt - Top Shop, Shoes - Wittner
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Speak It Into Existence…

i was sitting on the couch complaining to my significant other that i needed material to blog. I had my pictures ready to go but zero material to accompany the outfit post. *sigh*

I was nagging him to tell me stories - it might inspire me! He just looked at me blankly. Now bored with the lack of progress I reached for the newspaper that was lying on the dining table and started to read. Admittedly it has been a minute since i actually held a real newspaper in my hands. In our digital age it seems so retro right? I digress…Anyway as i read the articles let me tell you its not all good the news. It was mostly depressing news about robberies, deaths, war updates, trade, stocks and of course celebrity gossip. Nope no inspiration there.

Back online i go. The penny dropped when I came across the following:

The Simple Rules For Eating A Banana

  1. Never close your eyes
  2. Never make eye contact
  3. Fast Bites - can’t have that banana in your mouth for more than 1 second.
  4. Small Bites - can’t take bites longer than 4cm
  5. Never use your tongue

I bet you have a smile on your face after reading those rules - how can you not? At one point i was like, ” Umm, are we still talking about eating a banana?”. With that statement it seems my mind was already in the gutter - cackle worthy material.

My conclusion? I got the blog material i craved and realised there is no point looking fly in your outfit if you don’t know the social etiquette of eating a banana. Hilarious, at least now we know.

Shirt - CUE, Dress - IamTinasheCustom, Belt - Westend Boutique, Shoes - Target

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I have always had a fascination with fashion and photography, so I created this blog to document my personal style and fashion inspiration.

I often see people who are using fashion to express themselves in a unique manner - not surprisingly these people are also captured on this blog.

Its here that i also share my thoughts, ideas, loves and obsessions...

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