[BANO] White Jade Facial Mask Sheet 25g Pack of 10 Skin Brightening QIGRVRTRT

[BANO] White Jade Facial Mask Sheet 25g Pack of 10 Skin Brightening QIGRVRTRT

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Baby face mask which helps restore sagging skin with peptide and plant stem cell culture extract, the baby face care ingredients specially used in the dermatologyAs the gentle and soft pure cotton sheet is put softly onto your skin, in enhances the penetration of active ingredients.Mild and soft cotton sheet gently adheres on skin to enhance penetration of active ingredients.No Chemical ingredients (12 Free)

About BANOBAGI and BANO Cosmetic Brand
BANOBAGI Medical Group was first established in March, 2000 to make a good hospital admitted to the patients with excellent medical skills and their philosophy with warm craftsmanship of four plastic surgery surgeons from Seoul National University Hospital.
BANOBAGI is a total medical group consisting of plastic surgery, dermatology, and dentistry. Beyond the outward beauty, BANOBAGI has worked steadily with honest belief to improve the functional matters, customer’s inner beauty and find the confidence.
BANO is a cosmeceutical brand followed by BANOBAGI Medical Group’s principle of strict humanism considering for customer’s skin condition only.
BANO developed cosmetics from the beginning to the end by dermatologist who knows your skin better than you.
BANO is the brand created with correct ingredients.

Real Cosmeceutical BANO
As i diagnose, seen cosmetics, and met patents I always had concerns. BANO is real cosmeceutical brand with analysis and clinical data done from myself and created effective but not irritating on skin. BANO is authentic and reliable cosmeceutical brand.

1) R&D of BANO
Based on 15 years of experience and clinical research, BANO’s exclusive ingredient acts in various effect to resolve the skin problem
2) Direct Development Specialist
One and only domestic brand developed by dermatologist
3) Evidence Based Cosmetics
Select correct ingredient for skin problem based on clinical experience and thesis.
4) Stable Ingredients
No.11 chemical ingredients added in all products & Complete skin irritation test of all products.

[BANO] White Jade Facial Mask Sheet 25g Pack of 10 Skin Brightening QIGRVRTRT

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