There you have it, the latest of the African models to grace our covers. This ladies and gents is Grace Bol. Her cheek bones are just incredible! If I ever needed inspiration to go back to my natural hair, I think I have found it. Personally, I think the African women in their natural element is the epitome of beauty, not constrained by Western standards of beauty. Come this weekend, these braids are coming off! Time to reveal and reacquaint with my natural self! Who’s feeling inspired?


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My 9 - 5 hustle is as a Human Resources professional in the heart of Brisbane, Australia.

I have always had a fascination with fashion and photography, so I created this blog to document my personal style and fashion inspiration.

I often see people who are using fashion to express themselves in a unique manner - not surprisingly these people are also captured on this blog.

Its here that i also share my thoughts, ideas, loves and obsessions...

Contact me:


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