Doesn’t Matter If You Wear Black Or White…

Looking at my smiling face, its hard to believe that at that time I could barely feel my feet. True Story. Its amazing that the need to capture a picture perfect moment allows you to forget your pain for a split second.

Its graduation season here in the Southern Hemisphere am we have been invited to our fair share of celebratory dinners, parties etc. This night was no exception. I also came to the realisation that next year it will be ten years since I graduated from university.

Some people say your degrees won’t keep you warm and night - but for me the hunger to learn more still prevails.

Tinashe, Dress - Temt, Shoes - London Rebel

Him - TShirt - General Pants Co, Leather Pants - Custom, Shoes - Topman


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My 9 - 5 hustle is as a Human Resources professional in the heart of Brisbane, Australia.

I have always had a fascination with fashion and photography, so I created this blog to document my personal style and fashion inspiration.

I often see people who are using fashion to express themselves in a unique manner - not surprisingly these people are also captured on this blog.

Its here that i also share my thoughts, ideas, loves and obsessions...

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